Ruby in a silver and blue low neck, low back, high neck, high leg Skinzwear swimsuit
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Dec 30, 2016
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We have 2 small sets grouped together to bring you 1 massive set of Ruby! She is wearing two very different one piece swimsuits but I'm suite you will love the diversity of this set! Ruby loves to wear these swimsuits and the smile on her face throughout the whole shoot proves it! Get down and dirty with her and show her your appreciation ;)


Comment by Alex32
Absolutely love this girl!
2016-12-30 01:34:39 by Alex32
Comment by opssxy86
Great way to close out 2016 with the cutie pie Ruby ;) thank you to all the lovely ladies who have modeled, and the SH staff for all your hard work this year. Look forward to more killer curves combining with dreamy one-pieces in 2017!
2016-12-30 02:10:57 by opssxy86

Comment by Doug924
We are so lucky...two for the "price" of one! Ruby looks absolutely and positively delicious in the two swimsuits. I have to be honest and say the super tight Realise hydra-suit is my favorite between the two as it really shows off Ruby's amazing, awesome and sexy body especially her nipples. The gorgeous smile on her face truly proves how much she enjoys wearing these swimsuits! I, for one, definitely appreciate Ruby and if I was ever fortunate enough, I would get down and dirty with her any day of the week and show and prove it to her firsthand ;)
2016-12-30 02:31:36 by Doug924