Kandice in a white, red and blue zipper back, high neck, high leg Realise swimsuit
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Afternoon Delight


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Jan 23, 2016
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Who wouldn't want afternoon delight with Kandice? An afternoon with her in her Realise 1 piece swimsuit is a wet dream for everyone. Kandice is a cheeky girl who is addicted to her swimsuits. She wants to show you all of her and will seduce you while playing with her lustrous red hair. What is your favourite part of kandice's lycra clad body? The SH team personally cant get past that booty ;)


Afternoon Delight Afternoon Delight I

Comment by Doug924
I couldn't think of a better way to spend an afternoon then with Kandice. I wholeheartedly love Kandice, her hair, her smile and face and sexy and gorgeous body, especially that one of a kind booty ;) She has always been and will always be a wet dream for me. I love her cheeky attitude and demeanor and does such a flawless and amazing and awesome job of seducing me and the rest of us. Every square inch of her Kandice's lycra clad body is my favorite part. Just when I think I can't fall more in love with Kandice, she finds a way to steal my heart. Thank you Kandice from the very bottom of my heart :)
2016-01-27 03:10:04 by Doug924
Comment by alkal123
These high neck full back suits are just gorgeous. More of them please! And Kandice is looking beautiful as always.
2016-02-17 12:39:06 by alkal123