Ruby in a blue and white high leg, racerback, transparent Realise swimsuit
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Bedroom Blues


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Oct 23, 2016
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Ruby is as cute as can be in her transparent, Realise one piece swimsuit! She loves to roll around on the bed teasing you in to coming and playing with her. She isn't too shy to show you the suit and all the juicy bits in between. She has a gorgeous smile that lights up a room and a nice little body that will leave you begging her for more.


Comment by opssxy86
I'm loving Ruby :) Only her second set, but she has me as a fan. She looks like a brunette sweetheart with a bit of a wild side ;)
2016-10-23 01:08:30 by opssxy86
Comment by Doug924
Ruby is super cute in her transparent Realise swimsuit! She really shows off her playful side and isn't shy one bit. I couldn't agree more about her having a gorgeous smile and it definitely does light up the room. Ruby has earned my vote and both her body and smile have easily begged at least yours truly for more! :)
2016-10-23 12:18:55 by Doug924

Comment by salad999
HOLY HELL STUNNING. Would Alexis be modelling this suit sometime?
2016-10-23 15:10:59 by salad999