Audrey in a hot pink pulse back Asics swimsuit
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California Love


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Aug 24, 2016
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Audrey is amazing in this pink, Asics 1 piece swimsuit! Her ultra fit body is as tight as her swimsuit. It cups her breasts and snuggles her pussy lips giving you the most sensual outline you will see. She loves to wear lycra and the feeling it gives her over her body. Audrey can't get enough of the soft lycra rubbing over her and we know you will love watching her in it too. Dont forget to ask us how you can buy our original swimsuits worn by all of our stunning models.


Comment by Doug924
It's a shame we can't/couldn't see more of Audrey's beautiful smile. She really does look amazing in this pink Asics 1 piece swimsuit! It's easy to see why with her truly ultra fit body. I can easily and safely say I can't get enough of seeing Audrey and can/could watch her in it all day. Hope to see more of Audrey and her beautiful smile in the near future ;) Perfect combination of model and swimsuit!
2016-08-24 01:48:36 by Doug924
Comment by petersssh
Audrey has such a firm little butt! Love it and her pu....!
2016-08-27 01:10:34 by petersssh