Brenna in a red pulse back, low neck, high leg Realise swimsuit
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I Will Be Your Girlfriend


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Dec 14, 2016
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Brenna is the girl you want to take home to meet your mother. She is sweet and petite with a smile that will light up your world. She wants to be your girlfriend and woo you with her red Realise one piece swimsuit. Don't take too long to say YES to her because offers like this don't last!


Comment by Doug924
Oh how sweet it would be as well as a dream come true to have the honor of calling and having Brenna as my girlfriend even if it's just for the pleasure of seeing her gorgeous and beautiful smile every morning and day. Her smile definitely and always lights up my world! Keep smiling and share that magnificent and glorious smile with the entire world! I've learned to never pass up a good thing. I only need a split second to say YES and this is one offer I could never refuse! Brenna is hands down one of only a few girls (Kandice and Rochelle being the others) I'd be honored to take home to meet my mother. If someone like Brenna would ever be willing to be my girlfriend I'd be 100% loyal and devoted to her at that very moment or instance and forever and ever! Please oh please Brenna will you do me the honor and be my girlfriend? :)
2016-12-14 01:47:41 by Doug924
Comment by madmod86
You'd be crazy to turn Brenna down. She has the most amazing smile.
2017-01-10 08:27:23 by madmod86