Ginger in a blue and baby blue rubberised, racerback Realise swimsuit
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In the Garden with Ginger


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Jun 21, 2016
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Who could resist Ginger in the garden? I know I couldn't! The tight, rubberised, realise 1 piece swimsuit is gorgeous on her! The colour makes her fair skin and firey red hair really stand out. The lush grass makes you want to go for a roll around on it with her. She loves to play with you in her usual cheeky way so be sure to join the fun!


Comment by opssxy86
Ginger looks so dreamy in that rubberised Realise :-) Love it!
2016-06-21 00:18:43 by opssxy86
Comment by swimHo
Perfect tight swimsuit. It looks perfect on Ginger.
2016-12-16 19:40:34 by swimHo