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Shower Play


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Mar 1, 2016
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Kylie is ready to strip and shower for you! Watch as she undresses before your eyes. She is wearing lycra Nike shorts and a big jumper over her 1 piece swimsuit to tease you in to what 1 piece swimsuit she has under the clothes. After her little strip tease she goes for a nice hot shower saturating her and the lycra. Kylie loves to tease you by pulling the swimsuit to the sides. she has an accidental nipple slip so don't miss out on that ;)


Comment by Doug924
Love Kylie and love the video! Kylie does such a tremendous and splendid job at teasing and getting hot for us. What a nice and special treat for all of us ;) Thank you so much Kylie for putting on quite the enjoyable show! I know I thoroughly enjoyed it and it's all thanks to you! Bravo on a job VERY well done :)
2016-03-01 00:45:35 by Doug924
Comment by alkal123
Kylie is absolute perfection
2016-03-01 16:12:56 by alkal123

Comment by opssxy86
Very hot! The pink swimsuit goes nice with her dark red hair. I love the last few minutes when she pulls the top down, turns it into a bikini and plays with herself :)
2016-03-03 18:13:19 by opssxy86
Comment by lionman
That was incredible to watch. I love the way she plays with herself and teases us. More of this! All my yes!
2016-04-21 15:12:49 by lionman

Comment by rumpless
Stunning - the nipple slip was a fantastic bonus. Kylie is one sexy girl. I particularly enjoyed the transition from "street clothes" to her swimsuit.
2016-05-06 17:27:35 by rumpless
Comment by rumpless
This has got to be SH's best video yet. The few sublime seconds of Kykie's exposed breasts was wonderful as well as beautiful. More of then same please. :)
2016-12-28 14:17:26 by rumpless