Kandice in a red and white high leg, racerback Asics swimsuit
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Swimsuit Cheerleader


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Nov 14, 2015
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Kandice is your very own personal cheerleader! She is amazing in her authentic uniform over her Asics 1 piece swimsuit. Kandice strips out of her outfit to expose her red lycra suit. Her skin covered in oil glistens in the sun making her look even better! She straddles the tree giving you a peek of what is under her skirt before she completely strips!


Comment by Doug924
It doesn't get any better than this! She is truly my dream cheerleader ;) She absolutely rocks Asics 1 piece swimsuits! What a trifecta, red hair, red cheerleading uniform and awesome and sexy red Asics swimsuit. Bravo and thanks Kandice :) You are a true dream come true!
2015-11-14 03:02:08 by Doug924
Comment by alkal123
Amazing! A one piece under a cheerleading uniform is something I've dreamed of for years. You bloody beauties SH! :)
2015-11-15 17:14:27 by alkal123

Comment by opssxy86
Awesome idea, I love cheerleader outfits as well as ops. And it's the lovely Kandice :-)
2015-12-22 06:39:30 by opssxy86
Comment by Legalgangsta
Suns out, suits out
2016-06-26 01:32:16 by Legalgangsta

Comment by Legalgangsta
More of these pictorals please!
2016-06-26 04:25:12 by Legalgangsta
Comment by Legalgangsta
That is the sexiest thing on earth. Putting olive oil on your legs. I dare you to wear the same outfit but on a stripper pole. Just a thought. Other than that that was a bad a*** set. 100/100
2016-07-10 14:41:50 by Legalgangsta

Comment by LegalGangsta
You're red hair compliments your frame. I mean I really love your hair. It is so sexy.
2016-08-01 03:15:14 by LegalGangsta