Kandice in a green zipper back Realise swimsuit
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Unitard Love


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Dec 10, 2015
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Just for something a little different! Why not a bit of full body lycra love?!! Kandice has the body to pull this off and fits right in in the forrest setting. I love the outline of her body through the lycra and the fact her whole body is covered in this shiny tight fabric. Her red hair is a gorgeous contrast to the green of the unitard and forrest. Kandice is such a gorgeous, confident woman so we know you will love seeing her in this!


Comment by Doug924
What a nice and pleasant change! Kandice definitely has the body to pull off anything and everything! I absolutely love her body, her hair, her smile and everything else about her. Love the combination of her red hair and green full body lycra suit! Kandice is without a shadow of a doubt gorgeous and confident and there isn't a single thing not to love about her. I love seeing her all the time in whatever she's wearing!
2015-12-10 03:47:54 by Doug924
Comment by Charles
Love it, Love the Full body suits and Knee Suits, wish we saw more of them
2015-12-11 19:25:28 by Charles

Comment by swimG
Nice full suit, but no back view from Kandice.
2015-12-11 20:51:56 by swimG
Comment by alkal123
Wonderful! What a beautiful sight. Would be nice to have some laying down shots too but still, very nice.
2015-12-15 17:45:10 by alkal123