Rochelle in a white and blue racerback, high leg Realise swimsuit
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Wet and Wonderful


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Dec 12, 2016
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Who could resist this little cutie all wet in the shower, while wearing her one piece swimsuit!?! There is no one on earth who could say no! She is cheeky, sassy, sexy and fun and will give you the time of your life! Join Rochelle in the shower and help to wash her down! At the very end she starts to take off the suit and it will be the cherry on top to finish you off! We guarantee it!


Comment by Doug924
Wow and whoa! What a fantastic and superb set showcasing the cheeky, sassy, super sexy and fun Rochelle! I love the way every single Swimsuit Heaven model looks in a one piece swimsuit but Rochelle is truly on another level! I, for one, could never resist a little cutie like Rochelle all wet in the shower wearing her amazing and awesome Realise swimsuit and cute white booty shorts. I would give anything to join Rochelle in the shower and help wash her down! At the very end, I personally would have been happy had Rochelle either left the suit on or taken it off. The fact she took it off definitely adds that cherry on top! Thank you Rochelle for getting all wet and for being as wonderful as you are ;)
2016-12-12 01:26:24 by Doug924
Comment by Ahlgren
Oh my god...this has almost everything I could ask for in a SH shoot: Rochelle in a sexy Realise, a bit of a striptease, and getting wet. Amazing!
2016-12-12 03:56:05 by Ahlgren

Comment by madmod86
I love how that suit is just the right amount of see-through.
2017-01-10 08:26:11 by madmod86