Kandice in a white and black racerback Asics swimsuit
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White and Wonderful


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Jul 15, 2016
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Who wouldn't love to see Kandice in her white and black Asics, 1 piece swimsuit?! She loves this suit and you can tell by the way she models it! Watch her touch herself over the lycra while she has her legs spread nice and wide for you. Her body is incredible and perfect for the booty lovers out there! When she looks into the camera she looks in to your soul, captivating you and making you watch her every move!


Comment by Doug924
Holy cow! Kandice, aka the girl of my dreams and my perfect girl, steals my heart and wins it over time and time again. From her hair, smile, look, eyes, incredible body and perfect booty she captivates me with each and every set and photo. She absolutely rocks and owns this and any Asics 1 piece swimsuits as well as any other swimsuit. I love this suit on her and love Kandice with every fiber in my body. 10/10 from me without question and without a doubt. Thank you Kandice! ;)
2016-07-15 01:34:59 by Doug924
Comment by salad999
Will Kandice be doing any videos soon???
2016-07-15 21:45:36 by salad999